Trump’s “Compstockery!”

By MIKE MAGEE As we witnessed in last week’s Republication convention, when in doubt, go with the golden oldies. Australian songwriter Peter Allen said as much in the fourth stanza of his classic song, “Everything Old Is New Again”, which reads: “Don’t throw the past away You might need it some rainy day Dreams can… Read More »

PCOS and Fertility: Can I Conceive?

By Shahzeen Baig, PCOS nutritionist, BmedSci|MHumNutr There is a common misconception that all women with PCOS have trouble conceiving. However, this is most certainly not the case! Many women can conceive naturally with PCOS. Unfortunately, health professionals do not provide enough support and guidance for women struggling with infertility. Conceiving with PCOS The most important… Read More »