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Virus curbs widen England’s north-south rift, stir animosity

LIVERPOOL, England — Liverpool, the English port city that gave the world the Beatles, weathered decades of industrial decline before becoming a celebrated symbol of urban renewal. Now, the coronavirus is putting the city’s hard-won revival in jeopardy, and raising tensions between the north of England and the wealthier south. Scarred by abandoned buildings and… Read More »

Vaccines may arrive in record time, but the virus has been faster

Scientists have created candidate vaccines, which eventually could protect billions of people from COVID-19, with astonishing speed, compressing scientific efforts that usually take years into months. But the leader of a key drug trial said Tuesday that the blistering research pace has nonetheless been too slow to catch the coronavirus. “We are now five months… Read More »

Scott Gottlieb: Georgia at risk of becoming latest virus hot spot

Georgia could become the new coronavirus hot spot, warned former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. “There’s increasing risk that Georgia could become a new epicenter of epidemic spread,” Gottlieb tweeted Friday. “There’s a window of opportunity for the State of Georgia, with its outbreak largely concentrated in one region for now, to get… Read More »