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What are gray wolves diet

However, because of human-related activity such as destruction of habitat and excessive hunting, Grey Wolves now only occupy a fraction of their former range. The Grey Wolf is listed as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act as they continue to be hunted in many areas of the world as a perceived threat to… Read More »

What is the italian diet like

Breakfast for two at our modest seaside beach apartment featured a basket of croissants and bread, plates of salami and cheese, yogurts, and platters of fruits, jams, butter, and nuts — enough to hold us over for an entire day! Seventeen small dishes arrived filled with battered and fried vegetables, raw and fried cheeses, oily… Read More »

What foods are in the mediterranean diet?

Not sure where to start with the Mediterranean diet? This expert Mediterranean diet food list is your answer! The Mediterranean diet is a balanced eating pattern that is rich in vegetables; fruit; whole grains; lean proteins, especially fish; and good fats from extra virgin olive oil. Red meats? Not too often. Save those for special… Read More »